Greetings Brothers!

I hope that this message finds you extraordinarily well. I am also pleased to tell you that the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is doing great! This year is such an important year for us as it is our 50th here at Westminster College. We have come up with a vision for our chapter, and each day proves to be another exciting opportunity for us to come one step closer to fully realizing this vision.

One of our greatest accomplishments of this year thus far has been pick up day where we picked up 20 new young men. This is an achievement which we feel is crucial to the vitality of our chapter. However, we have many more goals which we hope to achieve and share with you as we do. On that note, we hope to see you for Lake and Grounds this year on April 30th. We are working hard on getting the grounds in order and hope to spend some time reminiscing about the times of the past and the things we hope to see in the future. All in all, our chapter is thriving and I am very excited to be able to share this with you.

Love and Respect,

Daniel J. Larson 


Zeta Lambda Chapter

Theta Chi Fraternity

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