Pitt Campus Aerial ViewExciting news! Theta Chi will once again fly the flag at the University of Pittsburgh! Dr. Matthew Richardson, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority life at Pitt, announced the news yesterday in a letter to International Headquarters.

The Alpha Beta chapter will return in the Fall of 2020. This will give Theta Chi ample time to get organized and prepared to make Alpha Beta the best chapter on the campus in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

What’s this mean for Zeta Lambda?


Well, to begin with, the new colony will need alumni engagement from older Pitt Theta Chi Brothers as well as local alumni from other chapters. Craig Carlin ’04, Jon Maielli ’09, and Steve Ruperto ’08 had the pleasure of attending Theta Chi’s presentation to the Pitt Interfraternity Council on Monday, February 22nd.

JD Ford Theta Chi

Theta Chi Brother JD Ford

The presentation was obviously very successful and led to this opportunity for chapter colonization. JD Ford, Theta Chi’s Chief of External Relations at IHQ, had extended the invitation to the ZLAC council, and according to his follow-up email, Dr. Richardson mentioned the alumni presence (from a variety of chapters) won over the voting members of the Interfraternity Council.

From an undergraduate perspective, Zeta Lambda’s recent successes as a chapter at Westminster can serve as a model for the new chapter at Pitt. IHQ may call on brothers to lend the helping hand during the colonization and after the chapter is granted its charter since Zeta Lambda’s House is one of the closest to Pittsburgh.

If you’d like to offer congratulations or are interested in becoming involved with the Pitt chapter, please contact JD Ford at JDFord@thetachi.org.

Theta Chi alumni and undergraduates will be crucial to the success of the new group of Resolute Men at Pitt.

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